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Qualified Freelance with a passion for photography based in the New Forest UK
Specialist in pet photography, hence Wessex Pet Photography

Qualified in City and Guilds Advanced Wedding, advanced Studio Portraiture and Graphic Design

Loxley Colour are my photo lab due to the attention to detail, such as accurate calibration and colour correction as well as the wide range of merchandise from a standard 6x4 print through to top of the range photo albums and personalised products such as mousemats and mugs. There is a link to their brochure on the Price List page

Not all albums listed are online, and of those that are,  content may not be complete

If you see an event listed and cannot see what you want, please ask.

Albums from private shoots and child images at shows, events etc, are password protected, indicated by a yellow padlock item top right

Favourite sayings

Photography is a blend of art and science which involves four stages.

1.Seeing - an eye for a picture, 2 Taking - all aspects of camera craft 3. Making - post processing
4. Presenting - the finished article.
I have studied photography seriously for over 40 years and digital imaging for 23 years and continue to do both. If ever I thought I had “arrived” or reached any sort of “standard” I would pack [it] in because what I would have reached was a plateau and would then probably be incapable of learning new things……I hope this never happens.
Leo Palmer

Amateurs are concerned with equipment, professionals are concerned with time, masters are concerned with light

The only photographer you should compare yourself with was the one you were last year

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Flying Scotsman
Amy Dolly

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